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All posts must be of legal age (18). Please report any posts violating this rule. Our team of Mods will do their best to remove any violations within 12 hours.

Forum rules

Community rules

This is a community. Please respect other's opinions and posts. All posted content must be of legal age (18). If you see content that should not be on this forum, please report it, so that it can be reviewed and the appropriate action taken and the posting user may be banned without notice.

Posting Rules

  1. Only use the allowed file/image host approved by the forum.

  2. This forum is not a place to arrange your private swapping of videos. Posts asking people to 'trade on Skype' or similar will result permanent bans.

  3. Sending PM's to hundreds of people asking to 'trade' will also result in permanent ban.

  4. Giving names or details of a person to record, or who you have seen a video of, is also not allowed.

  5. Offering to give/receive money in return for contacts is not allowed.

  6. There will be ZERO tolerance for people who post anything that explicitly says the person in a video is under the age of 18. This includes files within a .RAR directory and the description posted in the topic you create.

Allowed File Hosts

We have implemented a list of allowed file/image host for the forum. All post that do not follow this rule will be removed. ALSO: No posting of any videos or images that contain a logo for a (video)tube site. Private pay sites like Helix or BelAmi are fine.

Allowed File Host

ATTENTION: Use the CODE button when posting a link...and put your links in between code brackets or these websites will delete your upload once they spot it is hosted on Boywankers... FromSmash
2GB files no registration require
File only good for 7 days, after that it's gone.

2GB files no registration require
File only good for 7 days, after that it's gone.

Allowed Image Host



Request section Rules

  1. Please give the topic a proper title - simply calling the post "request" or "any one have this vid" will be deleted.
    Example topic names: -
    "Request: Boy with cap sitting on bathroom floor" or
    "Request: vid called 'two dutch boys jerking'" or
    "Request: vid of Chaturbater named hotwankingdude"

  2. DO NOT REQUEST PEOPLE - do not ask for a specific person to be capped, post like that will be banned.

  3. Do not request for 'dead links' - you should post in the original topic asking if someone can re-up.

  4. Where possible include a picture of what you are looking for.

  5. Do not post more than one requests for the same file - if you are still looking, comment on your original post saying you are still looking.

  6. Do not abuse requesting!!! - this means, ask for ONE or TWO video within any week - posters who request 5 and 6 in only a few days will be banned.

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